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Sam is a fully qualified Society of Masters Saddles Saddle Fitter and a Master Saddle Fitting Consultant who completed her training and exams in the UK, France and The Netherlands.

Sam is a horse owner and rider, a listed BD Judge and has competed to an Advanced level.


We offer a range of saddles that are made to measure for you, your horse and your budget!

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Saddle Fitting

Our qualified saddle fitter will spend the time to make sure both you and your horse are satisfied.

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Our aim is to be with you as soon as possible so you and your horse have the minimum of disruption.

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Fully qualified SMS and MSFC saddle fitter covering the Midlands, Leicestershire
Staffordshire and Derbyshire

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Thank you so much to Sg Saddles for the professional service I received today.
The lady was very professional, knowledgeable and compassionate towards my 3 yr old Welsh D, who has never undergone measurement for saddle fitting.
Very thorough and more than happy to answer any questions/ concerns.
I shall be investing in a made to measure saddle from Sg saddles( which are beautiful and a huge choice and great value for money, in the not to distant future.
Highly recommended and 5* service throughout

Huge thanks to Sam for coming to fit my very sensitive youngster with a saddle. The last time she had a saddle on, she did a rodeo around the arena. That was 6 months ago.
Today she has calmly walked and trotted around relaxed. Even fell asleep towards the end.
I feel emotionally drained but it was so worth it.
There is a long way to go but I'm hoping this will help us move forward

Sam is lovely and very professional wouldn't just sell you a saddle for the sake of it, if it's not a perfect fit your not getting it xxx I've purchased two for two very different shaped horses and know if they need adjusting at any time I can call Sam xxxxx lovely lady very helpful and kind

A massive thankyou to sam for coming out to my pony.
I called last week and she booked us in straight away and spent ages trying an abundance of saddles on her.
She advised on which would be best suited to us- and hopefully we have found a perfect saddle for us both!
Thankyou for all your help:-)
We really appreciate it!

Sam has fitted both of my horses and I couldn’t be happier. Last year Sam managed to fit my very hard to fit cob (and my fat bum!!) with a lovely saddle, who has been like a different horse ever since. Today she fitted my thoroughbred who is lacking muscle and condition - not to mention covered in with another beautiful saddle! Thanks again Sam!

I have been using Sam for over a year now. When she met us unfortunately somebody else had fitted a saddle that really should never have been on Danny. Sam came out and sorted that for me, but we knew this would only be a temporary solution while we muscled Danny up. Over the next year we saw Sam 3 times just to keep an eye on the saddle. Until we finally decided he was ready for his nice new saddle  Which is a perfect fit.

I cannot fault Sam in any way, if you have a problem she is always a message away and will always try to get out to you as quickly as possible. She is always friendly and professional. I honestly wouldn't use anyone else and I am pretty certain she is the only person who would have had the patience to deal with my rather difficult to fit pony!

I received my 'winning' parcel yesterday (apologies for not writing this earlier). Can I say a big, big thank you SG Saddles for picking me. Everything was amazing. What was great, was the fact that the stirrup leathers are brown - the colour of my youngsters saddle.
So SG Saddles, thank you so much. xx

Super friendly lovely Sam certainly was up for a challenge with my big 18th horse. She only recommends what she thinks is best and I am very happy with the saddle she fit for me

After hearing amazing reviews about Sam , I felt confident she would be able to sort the best out for my abbey . I was still nervous as you hear so many stories about saddles fitted not correctly and also not had amazing experience in the past. Can’t believe how much I learnt and how to make it more comfortable for abbey with my existing saddle. Also purchased a new saddle so excited just wish I had sam out sooner , will defiantly have her more regularly now due to my mare getting older and her body shape changing. Thank you so much for spending so much time with us

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