Risk Assessment

During the Covid-19 Pandemic Society of Masters Saddlers Registered Qualified Saddle Fitters must ensure they are protecting themselves and you, their clients, by introducing a different procedure to their fitting process.  This will ensure they are taking social responsibility to minimise the risk of infection.

What your fitter expects from you
  • Full and open risk assesment as part of the booking process.
  • A clean, calm and well-behaved horse who is content to be handled by the fitter.
  • Just yourself and the fitter to be present for the appointment.
  • A safe, quiet area, ideally outside (or undercover if weather is bad) where the horse can be safely tied up.
  • Clean tack and equipment.
  • For you to be wearing a face mask or shield.
  • For you not to touch any of the fitters equipment.
  • For you to observe social distancing and respect the space required for the fitter to carry out their work.
  • To notify the fitter if any symptoms occur prior to the appointment so it can be postponed.
  • To notify the fitter if you develop symptoms within 14 days after your appointment.
What you can expect from your fitter.
  • Your fitter will take all precautions to observe hygiene procedures, cleaning all appropriate surfaces, disposing of cleaning materials and used PPE.
  • Your fitter will wear appropriate PPE. This will include a face mask or shield and fresh gloves.
  • The fitter will not touch anything that is not necessary as part of the fitting assessment.
  • The fitter will observe social distancing throughout the appointment.
  • If symptoms occur prior to the appointment the fitter will notify you and the appointment will be postponed.
  • Your fitter will notify you if they develop symptoms within 14 days of your appointment.

Risk Assessment

Please complete the form below to arrange an appointment.

Once we have received your details someone will be in touch to arrange a suitable date and time.

Please make sure horses are clean and dry for appointment and there is a safe area for you to ride.

Fees are £50 per fitting (£20 for an extra saddle check) plus mileage @ 0.50p per mile.

Weekend appointments are £60 per fitting plus mileage.