Fitting Prices


FITTING EXISTING OR MEASURING FOR NEW £50.00 plus mileage at 50p per mile

FOLLOW UP VISIT (2-3 months after fitting a new saddle)        £45.00 plus mileage

All Fittings Include

History of horse and rider
Assessment of horse
Template of horse
Saddle check (if existing saddle)
Saddle fit including ridden work

We recommend you allow 1hr 30 mins for a fitting.

Group Bookings

3 or more fittings at the same location are £45 per horse and mileage is shared.


Adjustments can be done on site but will be an extra charge.

Additional flocking/Adjustments          £20 – £50
Point/Balance Straps                             £80 per pair
Complete Reflock                                  £100

Repairs to be quoted for on an individual basis.

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