Thorowgood T4 and T8

Fuller-figured, fine and slender or somewhere in between… there is a saddle in the Thorowgood range that suits your horse’s body shape and follows every curve and contour of his back. It’s the saddle your horse would choose. Lightweight and reassuringly kind from the start, it offers cushioning luxury that allows him to relax and move freely.

Prices start from £425

The Monarch range

1) A lightweight adjustable tree.

2) An Easy Fit Gullet System.

3) Flocked panels allowing the panels to be altered to suit the horse.

4) A Flexi Block system for added rider comfort.

All saddles are full leather and start from £855

Kent And Masters

All saddles are handmade in England by skilled craftsmen and qualified master saddlers using traditional techniques.
Combining this heritage with scientific research & testing plus saddle-fitting expertise to develop fitting solutions for even the trickiest conformation.

So whether you have a beautifully rounded Cob, a slender high-wither Thoroughbred, a full-barrelled Warmblood, or anything in between, we are confident that a Kent & Masters saddle will provide the answer.

 All saddles are full leather and start from £945 (S-Series)

Bates Saddles

The innovations in Bates saddles are engineered to bring out the best in you and your horse for a unique competitive advantage in highly specialised saddles for every discipline. The world-leading innovations in Bates Saddles will make a profound difference to your horse’s comfort and performance. Under the finest quality leather, riders will feel the power of innovation in a Bates saddle. Experience instantaneous comfort, balance and seamless contact with your horse.

Prices start from £1199 

Fairfax Saddles and Bridles

A winning combination of tradition, technology and testing. Each item developed is scrutinised using the latest pressure mapping and gait analysis systems available.

You can trust that these products help prevent muscular restriction and improve freedom of movement and these claims are backed up with accurate and independent scientific data.

All Fairfax saddles are handmade in England by highly skilled craftsmen and Master Saddlers using the finest English leather.

Prices start from £1499 for saddles and £400 for bridles

Albion saddles

Albion saddles have been continually developed over 25 years and are now recognised as one of the worlds leading saddle brands. The design and engineering of the product sets it apart from all other competitors, and the quality and quantity of professional riders throughout the world proves that the ‘science of feel’ really brings superior results.

Prices start from £1799